Geeraard Olivier and Maria Decruy started a trade in building materials. Geeraard used to be a general contractor together with his brother and brother-in-law.


The trade in building materials was expanded to construction works. Numerous machines and trucks were bought. There was a need for an own garage for maintenance and repairs.

Geeraard and Maria had three children Odetta , Eric and Willy.

In 1959 Frans Vankeirsbilck married Odetta Olivier and entered the business. They further expanded the trade in building materials together with all kinds of construction work.


Frans and Odetta had three sons Gerdi, Tonny and Filip.

New grounds were obtained for the storage of building materials. At the end of the sixties the offices moved to the new site at Izegemsestraat 84.


Eric started in 1970 with Olivier concrete and Willy took over the road and earthworks activity which later became Olivier Construct. In 1979 Gerdi Vankeirsbilck started working in the company. He became responsible for the foundation works, including the installation of rainwater tanks and the maintenance of the machinery.


Tonny ran the trade in building materials. In 1980 the company De Bever was taken over. This tile business became the Westvlaams Tegelhuis which was run by Filip. In 1982 Gerdi Vankeirsbilck married Fernande Vandenberghe and they had 2 sons, Dimitry and Yoeri.

In 1987 Gerdi Vankeirsbilck took over the Leenknecht company, a concrete manufacturer of prefabricated rainwater tanks and septic tanks. Olivier Betonfabriek en Funderingstechnieken was born. Because of lack of space for all activities, this department moved from the Izegemsestraat to a new location in the Schaapbruggestraat. This site offered the opportunity for further expansion and growth.


The concrete factory expanded its range with prefabricated cellars, lubrication pits, purification pits, fuel tanks and rainwater tanks. Various wells were patented and the workshop was responsible for the construction of the casting moulds provided for this purpose.

Due to the demand for larger and heavier concrete elements, the equipment also had to be adapted and the workshop focused on converting existing excavators in order to be able to carry out these works easily. For example, excavators were converted with a telescopic undercarriage and extendable counterweight.

In 1996 a first patent was obtained for the soil displacement pile foundations. This was a breakthrough for the foundation techniques.

A first machine was built entirely in its own workshop, as well as attachments such as drill pipes and auger heads. The construction workshop had grown along with the company. Conversion and adaptation of the machines for all kinds of specific applications in the foundation world.

From 2000

Due to the strong growth there was a need to separate the various activities into a different companies.


Three new companies were founded:

   Olivier Betonfabriek NV – Producten en plaatsingsdienst van prefabputten

   Olivier Funderingstechnieken NV – Funderingspalen en beschoeiingstechnieken

   Olivier Industrie NV – Machinebouw, onderhoud en herstellingen


The Irish company CRH took over the Concrete Factory Olivier Betonfabriek NV. Maintenance and repairs were further carried out by Olivier Industrie.

Dimitry Vankeirsbilck started in the company. Within the company he focused on the operation and training of all specialized foundation machines.


The company Willemen from Mechelen took over the foundation techniques department Olivier Funderingstechnieken NV. Maintenance and repairs were further performed by Olivier Industrie.

At Olivier Industrie, these years of experience were further enhanced and expanded by Gerdi and Dimitry who shared their passion for mechanics, technology and machines.


2011 announces the start of the rental, sales, service and maintenance of all kinds of machines for third parties.

A whole new machine park with all accessories is purchased for the rental centre and the activities are expanded with the service for repairing hydraulic pipes.

The name Olivier guarantees tradition, years of experience and know-how of all kinds of machines on the construction site.

We are happy to share our experience and know-how with our customers.


CRH leaves the site in the Schaapbruggestraat.

Odiel Vandenbulcke and Gerdi Vankeirsbilck both have years of experience in the concrete and construction industry and started up the company O Concrete.


Olivier Industrie becomes the official importer for Eurocomach. By working together with several dealers, Eurocomach is distributed all over the country.