Foundation Tools

Olivier Industrie has been a manufacturer of drilling tools for foundations for 25 years. As we no longer carry out any construction work ourselves, we can offer materials to all foundation companies. Everything is produced and maintained in our own workshop in Rumbeke. We are happy to share our experience and know-how with our customers.

Olivier® Drilling couplings

Max. torque35 t/m55 t/m75 t/m
Outside Ø300 mm/11.8″350 mm/13.8″400 mm/15.8″
Inside Ø210 mm/8.3″250 mm/9.8″290 mm/ 11.4″
Drilling pipe Ø273 mm/10.75″324 mm/12.75″355 mm/14″

Reg. Des. 007774716-0001



Olivier® helical pile


Reg. Des. 007774716-0002

Cylindrical pile


Drilling Pipes

Flap system

FDP drilling without lost bit

In Belgium alone, approximately 150.000 FDP piles are drilled into the ground each year. Each time, a lost bit is needed to close the drill pipe with a auger head. This is because no soil and water would end up in the drill pipe. Olivier Industrie has developed and internationally patented a system that eliminates the need of a lost bit. This system has numerous advantages.